Date : 9 November 2015 |  Time : 5pm to 6pm |   time left


Webinar Broadcast

Creating Leads & Website Traffic through Content Marketing

 Date : 9 November 2015

 Time : 5pm to 6pm

 Price : INR 699/-

Who should attend?

› Content Managers

› Brand Managers & Marketing Managers

› Business Owners

› Agency Personnel

› Startup CEO’s

Webinar Summary

One of the biggest reasons why companies use content marketing is to generate customer leads and drive increased website traffic. This webinar gives a hand on tutorial on how you can create wining content that helps you get more customers.

Some of the key take away are:-

Date : 9 November 2015 | Time : 5pm to 6pm

Speaker Details

Rajesh is the managing director of Impact Marketing, a full service agency he set up in 2006. Since inception, he has been deeply involved with B2B and B2C clients like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Cisco and others in their marketing programs. He also founded, a B2B marketing technology platform that helps SME's connect with marketing services providers globally. He writes prolifically on digital marketing and has been published in several domestic and international publications
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